DOW.ork Liv e.ngagement
DOW.ork Liv e.ngagement


My 'home base' is what CNBC calls "the startup capital of the South", Durham, NC. It is a luscious town, full of people, projects, growth, opportunities and friends. Oh yes, and independent restaurants.

I'm here because i want to crack the code on funding and sustaining public media in a new way. The average government per capita funding for public media worldwide is $82.

New Zealand ranks next to last at $21, at $180 per inhabitant, Norway spends the most. The United States spends $3. The smallest per capita investment in public media in the world is spent in the US. These are C$ but that doesn't diminish the point.

I don't produce anything yet. But since my personal style is to lead with optimism, I am going to lead in the mission to fund public media. 

This space is dedicated to DOING OUR WORK and LIVING ENGAGEMENT in exploring, testing and applying entrepreneurship to public media (and other non-profits). I believe that impact investing might be the way forward. I welcome your comments and opinions on the matter.